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Eda Haskaya

I started my group training with Gonul month ago, and I can’t thank her enough because she made me love exercise. I was shocked to discover that my body has started to change just short time and I lose weight feeling more positive.Now, I started training three days a week (one to one sessions)and really believe that I’m going this journey with someone who has full of knowledge and love helping others. Thank you for your support again 🌸

Bozena Kitkovskaya

My name is Bozena and two weeks ago I started my way to loose weight, in this two weeks I lost 5kg so excited, was trying and before, but unsuccessful, since I met Gonul that seems like I can do it. Very important to have besides you such positive and motivating person like Gonul

Fatma Dugunyurdu

Hey gonul i can’t thank you enough. You are the first ever trainer who actually made me love excersize. I feel like a day without excersize is wasted. I have lost 8kg in 7 weeks without feeling hungry and enjoying workouts with you💜💜💜💜 you are just amazing🥰🥰

Shafa Seyidli

Gönül is an amazing instructor. She is smart and she knows how to handle the lessons. Every lesson we have full body training. Never watch my diet but Gonul I am always gathering myself together. Her workout schemes are just wonderful. She targets all the areas of the body and she makes sure you do your workout. I absolutely do suggest her.

Irem Cavusoglu

I have been working with Gönül for a year now. I started our journey together weighing 78kg, having piled up the lockdown kilos. I also suffered a few injuries during lockdown so I was not active at all. Within 4 months, I lost 13kilos, could get in clothes gathering dust in my closet for at least 10 years and I navigated my way through personal problems impacting my stress levels and mental health. 

After a full year, I have managed to maintain the weight level I achieved, I am dealing with stress much better, my sleep schedule has improved and even my adult acne has cleared after I started following the nutritional regime she recommended at the time. 

I could not have been happier to follow Gönül’as exercise and nutritional regime.

Anjali Thucker 

Working with Gönül since Feb 2022 has drastically improved my fitness and physical stamina in a matter of months. I became stronger quickly and more capable or doing exercises I struggled with at the start

Within two months I lost 2 kg and saw massive changes in my body shape and appearance.

Gönül coached me through starting to exercise again post COVID when I was reluctant and always is providing helpful tips for nutrition and lifestyle

I would highly recommend training with Gonul

Ada Yarar

I love working with Gönül. She is pushing my limits everyday and giving me more strength. I became healthier and fitter because of her and I am really thankful to her for that.

If we’re just meeting, I am a master Pilates and barre trainer, PN nutrition health coach, sports nutrition specialist and Albright mentor. I have worked with a lot of women and helping them to achieve their best self.

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