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One of my clients said;

"I am happy inside, regardless of what happens outside"...


This is the most beautiful transformation.

I am happy and proud to support hundreds of women on this pleasant journey.

Gönül Valiyeva

About Me.

As a lifestyle coach, my mission is to help you stay in your best physical, spiritual and mental state.

I am here to help.

Let me start with my own recovery story...


I started learning ballet when I was 3 years old.

I had the training from Russian ballet teachers at that age. Very strict and disciplined training.

Even though I quit ballet, sports have never been missing from my life.

I finished international relations and got a master's degree in Business Management. I worked in the biggest bank of Turkey for 9 years.

Stressful work life began to threaten both my physical and mental health, my headaches were so bad that I ended up in hospitals, I was gaining weight and most importantly not wanting to get out of bed! I lost my passion to be myself and I was lost I needed to shake myself and accept that this was not healthy and started looking for ways how to feel good holistically.


I embraced my sport as my body's healing power. I started to invest my time on learning different techniques.


Since then, I have been creating my own technique by discovering, learning  which techniques shape the female body the best.


I approached what I ate as fuel for my body. Knowing how to speak Russian, English, Turkish and Azerbaijani, I had the opportunity to connect and attend the world's leading self-actualisation, motivation camps and workshops about inner strength. I have continued to scientifically back what I am doing with body training on sports and nutrition.

People started asking where my energy, happiness and motivation came from. What I do for my body and skin, what I eat, even the way I think became a matter of curiosity. In my mid-30s, I am living my best years, both physically and mentally.


I left corporate life and dedicated myself to supporting women over the age of 30 to live their best life.


It is my biggest source of happiness to see how they change even in a week's time.


When my clients enjoy rising up mentally and energetically, when their self-confidence increases, when they start to plan healthier future, when they feel rejuvenated, they realise that losing weight was just the tip of the iceberg.

My Qualifications

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor (I qualified from Polestar Pilates authorized by PMA - Mat, Reformer, TT, LB, Chair, and SC training - all 6 Levels)


Barre Instructor (ACE certified)


Sports Nutrition Specialist (BDA/The Association of Uk Dietitians, The Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register 


FMI Personal Trainer Level 4 (CPT)


Corrective Exercise Specialist (FMI)


PN nutrition 


CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine London/ Nutrition For Everyday Living


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